BIPVco is a Newport based manufacturer of innovative and leading edge building integrated photovoltaic systems.  BIPVco is committed to factory incorporation of PV functionality to the building fabric to drive quality, value, holistic / aesthetic  integration and superior performance. Collaborating with major building envelope substrate and component manufacturers, BIPVco is able to offer sympathetically integrated solar powered roof and wall solutions for residential, institutional and industrial buildings. The products are ideally suited for the UK climate with excellent low light performance. The adopted thin film technology also has the advantage of being light weight, flexible and able to take the building form. It also has inbuilt design features to avoid disproportionate loss of power under partial shading. Turning buildings into power stations without making them look like one.

It became apparent that many of the features of BIPVCo CIGS solar technologies could be used within the fleet and transportation sectors to help reduce the need for excessive engine idling. MiPV solar systems eliminate the need to keep the vehicles engine operational to power the auxiliary systems. Instead, the MiPV solar systems maintain and charge your auxiliary battery / batteries, eliminating the need to idle the engine (for example. Tailgate lifts, emergency lighting, vehicle telemetry and comms equipment), saving fuel, increasing battery life and reducing the TCO of the vehicle fleet but more importantly reducing the harmful CO2 gasses being emitted into the atmosphere. MiPV CIGS panels, do not contain glass or silicone so are the ideal solar PV solution for moving applications as they can be bonded directly to the vehicle roof and provide the highest level of performance compared to other semi flexible solutions. MiPV CIGS panels do not suffer from micro fractures or excessive heat build-up.

MiPV panels are highly efficient 16%-17% efficiency), low profile ( <4mm when bonded), lightweight (less than 1kg per metre squared) and with panel performance from 55W to 360W, we have a wide range of kits suitable for most applications.

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